Men at War and Peace

It's taken five decades, but Vietnam veterans are set to fire a shockwave through the ranks of old comrades.

The first edition of Men at War & Peace was produced in 2006 and raised over $65.000 for veterans welfare services. Public demand has encouraged Greg and Annie Carter who organised  the first calendar to get vets together once again to "bare all".

Men at War and Peace sees veterans shed all their worries, fatigues, medals and RSL badges to flaunt the freedom they served for. 

"We may not be as taut and trim as we were in army days, but if older ladies can get their gear off, why can't we?" said Greg. "We want to show the world how much we Vietnam veterans can still enjoy life."

Funds raised  with this edition will go towards providing better facilities at Cockatoo Rise war veterans retreat at Bairnsdale. Greg a Vietnam veteran and his wife Annie run this retreat with a group of dedicated veterans

providing a safe, secure and peaceful enviorement for them to enjoy time with their partners and mates. The retreat is a free service giving vets a place of their own. 

The guys are not busty, bronzed or buffed but the nude calendar is sure to attract a lot of interest. If interested in joining in, please contact Greg & Annie Carter - tel 0409418332.